Register your .mt domain at the second level!

Starting December 1, 2017, it will finally be possible to directly register a .mt domain name at the second level!

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Register your .mt domain at the second level!

Registrations directly at the second level have started for .mt domains in Malta.
In particular, there are no restrictions for the registration of a .mt domain at the second level, so every legal entity can register a .mt domain name.

If you already have a third level .mt domain name ( or, registered before June 1, 2016, it is possible to register the same name directly under the .mt extension!

The name will be blocked by the Registry for a period of 3 years, called the Preferential Registration Period, during which only the owner of the corresponding third level domain name will be albe to choose to register it and make it functional, or not.

If, however, the domani name is in conflict (i.e. when a domain name registered under the extension corresponds to the name registered under the extension but the holder is not the same), that name cannot be registered at the second level. Starting tomorrow it will be possible to check the status of each domain name.

If, however, you are a new applicant, in addition to the .mt second level domain, you an also register corresponding .mt third level domain name for free (choice between and, provided they are available).

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